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Olde Wealth Management LLC was founded by Denton Olde in 2014. Since 1993 Denton has been working within the finance industry. For the first 21 years of his career, Denton worked within several different large corporate financial companies. However, By 2013 Denton made the decision to leave corporate America and become his own boss. So in January of 2014 Olde Wealth Management was founded. 

On his own, Denton began working to build his business with his clients in mind. He worked with his first and foremost goal being to act at the highest fiduciary for his clients. This means acting in their best interest as he builds his clients' financial plans. However, Denton chose to take things one step further as a fiduciary. Not only would he act in the best interests of his clients, but he would do so comprehensively, holistically, and with meticulous detail to understand and organize the goals of his clients.  

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