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Director of Client Services

Beth Olde is the Director of Client Services at Olde Wealth Management, and is the wife of Denton Olde. She, Denton, her two daughters, and dog Jasper live in and work out of Bellevue, Washington. Like Denton, she graduated for the University of Colorado but with a BS in Psychology in 1992. Beth took time off work to raise her two daughters, and returned to work as a para educator in 2009. She left her full time job in 2020 to assist her husband Denton in his growing practice. 

In her free time, Beth likes to spend time with friends and family. She is still active in the lives or her two adult children (Jules and Sophie), but spends most of her time parenting her not so bright rescue dog Jasper. You can often find Beth exploring breweries with her husband Denton, or meeting her friends for "Book Club." 


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